Danganronpa Another Episode gets a new trailer

Marvelous will Rock on with the PSP

Gran Turismo PSP finally available for download on Vita (in the US)

One Piece Unlimited World Red slips in at No. 3 on UK Vita chart

Get supporting shmup CR-Fighter on the Vita

Phantasy Star Nova old/new video guns the engines

Thought for Friday: Sony pivots the Vita, how, why and what next?

One Piece Unlimited World Red out today, new trailer

More girls in dungeon crawling fun with Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss

Labyrinth Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate gets a new trailer

Amazon Japan sales shows Freedom Wars at No. 2

Hatsune Miku goes gothic in latest 2nd F DLC update

Oreshika 2 opening trailer goes big on emotion, and stoats

Vita UK/EU.Amazon Top 10s still dominated by Borderlands

Akiba's Trip in English... now we can get to the bottom of things

EU PSN update and July PS+ roster

Tuffy the Corgi plays tribute to Super Mario

htoLNiQ ghosts into the Japanese Charts

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 dated and trailered

Buccaneers raids the Japanese market for love

How easy is it to port Unity games to the Vita?

Explosive shmup Project Root is go

Stuff the monsters, check out some Freedom Wars player vs. player

Borderlands 2 patch out now, go enjoy the wastelands

NIS America opens European store...

Pavilion shows off in a new trailer

End of Serenity landing on PSP/Vita next week

Corpse Party Blood Drive ramps up the scares

Monster Hunter Frontier-G gets a decent gameplay video

Phantasy Star Online 2 knocked offline in Japan

Back this classic-style Vita indie shooter on Indiegogo

Trigger Kiss getting them swooning over in Japan

Hyperdimension Neptunia U gets a new gameplay trailer

Dungeon Travelers 2 portals from PSP to Vita in Japan

Namco updates release schedule for Sword Art Online, Tales of Hearts R

Some great new Vita indies at @RadiusFestival

Digimon Story Cyberslueth gameplay clip gives a 2015 release date

The Swapper pushing the Vita's limits

Call to arms, filling in the Vita game roster gaps

Legend of Heroes and One Piece crash the Japanese chart as Vita sales rise

Freedom Wars rates well in this week's Famitsu

Lost Dimension finds some new videos

See Destiny being Remote Played on a Vita

NPD sales casually mention Vita rising in America

Little Battlers eXperience anime and toys invading the west, games to follow?

Angry Birds Transformers to multiple formats

Sony Japan's Vita Fireworks event recap

UK Vita chart shows E3 triggering a wave of nostalgia

Amazon UK update for pre-order on PS Vita

Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode 3 trailered

Meet SteamBoy, the portable PC games machine

One Piece Unlimited World Red E3 trailer

Waving goodbye to the PSP with Dark Revenant and End of Serenity

Post E3: The Vita is what it is...

La Mulana hitting the Vita for Christmas

E3 PS Vita hands-on videos of Rogue Legacy and Switch Galaxy

EA doing the same Legacy Edition crap with FIFA 15

Uncharted 4 should look great through Remote Play

Check out the Invizimals stalking E3

BigFest puts on a show in E3 trailer

Z-Run slides onto the EU PSN update

PlayStation TV gets an E3 video that tells us nothing about it

Velocity 2X gets an E3 trailer

Console sales in Japan continue to dwindle in latest Media Create figures

Minecraft Vita gets an E3 logo

Final Fantasy Type-0 announced for Vita (then deannounced)

Tales of Hearts R keeps Japanese voices for western release

Disney Infinity 2 comes to the Vita

Sony's E3 Vita highlights trailer, with exactly one Sony game

Devolver churning out the Vita indie hits

Tetris Ultimate blocking up the Vita

Free-to-play goodies raining down on Vita at E3

Sony's Vita E3 backlash starts on its own forums

Velocity 2X goes streaking at E3

Super Exploding Zoo bursts into life at E3

PlayStation Vita TV looks a real handful

Freedom Wars screens bust out of E3