Gran Turismo PSP finally available for download on Vita (in the US)

I still give the UMD version a good go from time to time, but it looks like Sony is finally paying some attention to the strong PSP catalog left in limbo from its abortive PSP-Vita switchover. On the US store, Gran Turismo is now on the Vita's PSN, (its been here for sometime at £6.49 in the UK).

Note that you can't transfer vehicles from GT5 on the PS3. Also now available in the US is Jeanne D'Arc and perhaps others will follow. This comes after Sony has now retired the PSP and the bedlam a couple of months back when a load of classic games appeared on the store. Note, some folk are saying you need to transfer the games via a PS3, others are saying it works fine - believe what you will.

Despite its less-than-stellar reviews, GT on the PSP sold over three million, and it would be very nice if Digital Polyphony could get their gearstick out of their butts and get cracking on the Vita version that links properly into GT6.


  1. I bought the game but my psvita can't download the game

    1. If you have a PS3, you can download it on that and them dump it on the Vita


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