Waving goodbye to the PSP with Dark Revenant and End of Serenity

With Sony having announced the end of the PSP (check out all the gorgeous editions), taking effect at the end of this month, Japanese sales rocketed from its usual weekly 1,000-odd to over 9,000. I'd imagine things were more muted in the west, but that isn't stopping a few farewell games from coming to our shores. At E3, Xseed was showing off Brandish: The Dark Revenant.

Also on the way is End of Serenity from Natsume, a Kemco JRPG. Between them they may well represent the final PSP titles released in the west, which isn't a bad way to go out. Of course, quite a few PSP games race into the Japanese chart and if any of them pick up interest from western fans, there's the small chance of a few more conversions or digital-only releases.

But, if these are the final curtain titles for the PSP, then its been an incredible run from a decade ago (if you imported), playing proper-feeling full-spectrum titles on the go. Feel free to share any memories and comments about the 80 million selling PSP!