EA doing the same Legacy Edition crap with FIFA 15

Prepare to be conned (in my opinion) yet again Vita owners, with EA Sports planning to rip you off (I guess) with the barest of updates to its FIFA 15 Legacy Edition. This page has popped up Amazon with the cover figure yet to be decided, but a late September release date.

What additions will EA add this time? A slightly different shade of green for the grass, a slightly bluer sky, Brighton in the Prem, who knows what mysteries await? All I know is one or two developers and artists changing a few lines of code and colours isn't worth £30 of anyone's money.

Yes, I know there are limitations to the graphics capabilities of all the systems (Wii and 3DS) getting the legacy editions. But, there's nothing to stop using the money EA raked in on FIFA 14 to add cross-system multiplayer, this Ultimate Team stuff, and some other improvements and extras.

On a practial note, the original FIFA Football is generally less than £10 in most places and offers pretty much the same gaming experience, so pick that up instead.