Minecraft Vita gets an E3 logo

Now, I'm not a marketing expert! But... if you're at the biggest games trade show in the world, with one of the most popular games ever coming to your platform, then you might want a bit more than a five-second clip on a compilation video and a logo, for that game.

But that's all the marketing geniuses at Sony (or the very busy people at Mojang and 4J Studios, who are bringing it to our OLED screens) have managed to come up with. So, here you go, fresh from Sony's massive collection of E3 videos, screens, fact sheets, interviews and other stuff, bask in the magnificence of this..... logo.


UPDATE: Fortunately the game is playable at the show, and some folks have captured footage of the game in action, so once you've stopped being wowed by the logo, enjoy this too.