Sony's E3 Vita highlights trailer, with exactly one Sony game

This is the problem right here, Sony's big, mega, highlight clip video for the Vita, contains exactly one Sony title, and that's made by Japan Studio (with a bunch of third parties helping out). The rest are indies, led off by Minecraft and Velocity 2X, MechRunner and a couple of the Japanese games headed our way, plus a snippet of The Walking Dead.

While I don't expect AAA games, or AA games, or even 'a game'. At this point Sony should come out and say, "we're not doing Vita anymore," just to make it totally clear , to prevent any potential Vita buyers picking one up expecting some Sony games to appear on it.

Sure, Sony Worldwide Studios and gamers themselves through Kickstarter are massively helping the indie scene, without which Vita would be toast already, but at a functional studio level, this is exhibit A that Sony is done with Vita.

Having said all that today, I'll now quit whining and enjoy the Vita for the games it does, and will, have (until Gamescom when bitch mode will kick off again most likely).


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