Sony's Vita E3 backlash starts on its own forums

Once again, Sony pretty much ignored the Vita at its E3 keynote. A couple of bits of news aside, it was all PS4. Which is right, for Sony, as a profits driven corporate, has to focus on as its the big-profit-generating success story of the year. Fine, no problem.

However, Sony says at multiple points that it "listens to its fans." Well, its fans are talking, ripping Sony a new one on the PSN blog comments and to a slightly lesser extent on the US site. Then there's the Final Fantasy Type-0 farce, that, while likely some horrendous mistake, has rubbed vats of salt into Vita owner's wounded hopes.

How hard is it for Sony take one or two minutes of the 90, to show us some of these 100 games that it brags are in development? Surely not all of them are indies/Japanese titles? My release schedule shows 86 games coming (including indies, excluding Japanese titles).

So, come on Sony, which is it? Do you listen to your fans and react to what they are asking for, or don't you? Yes, you can't please everyone, but not every PlayStation gamer owns a PS4, and Vita is one of the key ways you can distinguish yourself from Xbox. So why not give it a little more love?

I don't realistically expect any more AAA games for it (but I can dream), but invested fans and members of the PlayStation family deserve better treatment, just one or two sweet cookie crumbs you know!

Also, if it shows off Vita during the keynote, more stories appear in the wider press, which might help sell hardware. By limiting the PR oxygen supply to the Vita, Sony only helps the handheld's demise (which perhaps is something it wants) to kill off the weaker child in the eternal survival of the fittest?