Amazon Japan sales shows Freedom Wars at No. 2

Japan doesn't have to worry about reduced developer focus or waiting for one big release. But, how are Freedom Wars and the other new Vita releases doing now Japanese gamers have left work and flocked to the shops? We'll find out in the official charts next week, but on Amazon (list likely to change), Sony's big-bet Freedom Wars is going great guns, at No. 2 across all formats, just behind Minecraft on PS3.

Pre-orders for Oreshika 2 are enough to get it up to  No. 15 (going on-sale on 17 July). Today's live stream only had 50-60 viewers at any one time, so Sony Japan needs to do some marketing for this game. Elsewhere in the list, the Vita peppers the top 50 with several bundles including the new budget packs, and has a few games getting some interest:

17. Panzer Girls (out today)
49. Persona 4 Golden (still going strong)
55. Toukiden Kiwami (launching August)
58. Monster Hunter Frontier G (launching August)
60. Panzer Girl Boxset