Post E3: The Vita is what it is...

If the main aim of any console is to keep games coming for it, then the Vita had a modest E3. A classic adventure, plenty of new indies, continued Japanese support and the promise of more to come. The trouble with E3 is; that's where hopes and ambition are set impossibly high, where modest can't really cut it.

So, next year I'd recommend Sony has a pre-E3 dedicated event for the Vita (and PlayStation TV) and then runs its E3 show around staggeringly gorgeous PS4 titles like Uncharted 4. That way, the bubble is burst long before any silly hype and hope (yep, even cynical old me) can over-inflate and get out of hand.

Yes, Sony can still dole out press releases at the show to the idiot mainstream press, have hands-on demos, and even run a clip compilation during the keynote, but those aside, lets keep the Vita as our little private corner of the gaming world.

Sony had the right idea with Final Fantasy Type-O, in one high-octane announce to keep the flame burning, but clearly the execution (on Square's part) is lacking, so we'll chalk that up to experience. That's all Sony needed to produce, one big game that all (or nearly all) three million or whatever Vita owners there are out there would lap up.

If Sony can salvage something from that wreckage, then all's cool again, if not we know Shahid and Gio Corsi (after a well-earned rest) are working hard on getting the next big thing and many gems to boot. And they can use the passion demonstrated during what I'll call "Type-0 Happy Hour" and after to back up their case.

If the Vita does formally avoid E3 next year, then there's less pressure on these guys, and it becomes easier to announce as-and-when good stuff comes our way. So, as we all get our breath back, follow this easy-to-do post-E3 checklist.

1 - reset expectations
2 - enjoy what you have
3 - keep on dreaming