PS Vita Release Schedule and The List of Mystery

Welcome to the Vita release page and The List of Mystery and Possibility!
  • It is mid-2020 and games are still coming to the Vita on PSN, despite COVID and Sony arsing developers around. 
  • Thanks to all the devs and publishers still supporting the handheld that Sony forgot. 
  • Physical releases will continue for Asian-based publishers like Eastasiasoft until early 2021, but in very limited numbers. 
Last updated on 4 August  2020 (Select upcoming Japanese releases down the page)

2020 List of Possibility and Mystery

July - Witchdrafty from PigeonDev looks good, dev confident of Vita release 

July - in Japanese news - much-delayed Labyrinth of Galleria by Nippon Ichi now set for a 26/11 release, possibly the last Vita game in Japan? Just before the console's 9th birthday. 

July - Steam Tactics coming to Vita soon from Oxeren and Sometimes You

July - Sometimes You has their own little list of mystery

July - Top Hat Studios teasing some news
July - Ratalaika's last Vita game likely to be a big visual novel!
July - Pachi Pachi (Dolores) - Pachinko game confirmed

June Pixel Noir (SWDTech) - reconfirmed as still coming to Vita, devs on last chapter! 
June - Cross Game Studios showing Glitchfall-prequel Jack 'N' Hat with release later this year
June - Foxxio gets a Vita hint and a 2021 planned release date!
June - New pic from Dugan's upcoming shooter (below)
June - Top Hat confirms Thief's Roulette adding to their trilogy of Vita games (below)
June - Task Force Kampas (Casiopea Wave) Vita release TBA

A follow up to Aqua Kitty from Dugan

Top Hat keeping things rolling with plenty of releases


Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2 (Lightwood) 7 July
Awesome Pea 2 (Sometimes You) 9 July
Xeno Crisis (physical pre-orders live on 9 July via Eastasiasoft)
Root Double: Before Crime *After Days- Xtend Edition (Sekai) 8 July
Ultracore 22 July US PSN (EU 29th)  
Mushroom Heroes (Daniel Navarro) 22 July
Need a Packet? (Sometimes You) 24 July
Papers Please (Limited Run physical release) 24 July
Yumeutsutsu Re:Master (Degica) 27/28 July
Yumeutsutsu Re:After (Degica) 27/28 July
Big Dipper (Top Hat) 27 July (US PSN)
Alphaset by POWGI (Lightwood)

Steam Tactics - (Oxeren/Sometimes You) 5 August
Sense: A Cyberpunk Story (Project Sense Aug/Sept

Without Escape (Bumpy Trail)
War Theater (Arcade Distillery) EU Digital release soon
War Theater: Blood of Winter (Arcade Distillery)
Indigo7: Quest for Love (Dolores) in development

TBC/Later in 2020

Witchcrafty (PigeonDev)
Pixel Noir (SWDTech) 
Plutonium Pirates ( (possibly not, depends on option for physical releases)
Bobby Bombastic ( (possibly not, depends on option for physical releases)
Revenant Dogma (Limited Run Physical release)
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken (Limited Run Physical release)
Rocketbirds 2: Evolution (Limited Run Physical release)
Super Meat Boy (Limited Run Physical release)
Sharin no Kuni: The Girl Among the Sunflowers (Frontwing) EastAsiaSoft Physical release
Heart Forth, Alicia (Alonso Martin)

Antipole DX (Saturnine Games)
Marenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God (Kemco)
Alvastia Chronicles (Kemco)
Russian Subway Dogs (Spooky Squid) (still planned as of Dec)
Collapsus (Wraith)
SkullPirates (Arcade Distillery)
Monster Crown (Studio Aurum)  (still in progress as of Dec)
Suki and the Shadow Claw (Feline Arts)

Illusion of L’Phalcia (Kemco) 
Revenge of the Bird King (SuperNESJoe)
Deep Space Rush (Somepx/Ratalaika)
Alt Bosnia (Haris Mujkic)

2020/21 Maybes (recent games that devs are trying to bring to Vita, no promises)

Mina Michi (LightUp) developer wants to bring the game to Vita
Super Galaxy Squadron (New Blood) Devs working on it
Knight of Exile (DonXuglo Games) Devs keen on Vita
Alwa's Awakening (Elden Pixels) Hinted at by developer
Million to One Hero (OvertheTop)
Plague Hunters (Arcade Distillery) when its done!

2020 Less likely (Old projects that may appear, but likely Vita has drifted off the developer's radar) 

Drifter (Celcius) dev still churning away
State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (New Reality Games)
Quantum Suicide (Cotton Candy Cyanide) (still listed as of June '20) 
Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria (Muteki)

Japanese Releases 2020

Eye Kiss (Entergram) 24 September
Labyrinth of Galleria and the Witch Brigade (Nippon Ichi) New date 26 November
Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison (Entergram) Winter (delayed)
Aonatsu Line (Entergram) 
1xSHE Tell (Hooksoft)
Familia Myth (5pb)
Memories Off Innocent Fille for Dearest (5pb)

Japanese Releases TBC (mostly unlikely now)

Kenka Bancho Otome: My Honey of Absolute Perfection (Spike)
Ninja Usagimaru: Two Tails of Adventure (Arc System)
Code: Realize Sousei no Himegimi FD (Idea Factory)
Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby (Idea Factory)
Gundam G Generation Genesis (Bandai)
Makai Shin Trillion (Compile Heart) (Rogue RPG)
Operation Abyss 2 (Experience)
Ronin of the Fleeting Life (Spike Chunsoft)
World End Eclipse (Sega)
Project Code Datum (Kadokawa)