Limited Run checks out with Super Meat Boy

 All good things must come to an end, and Limited Run is waving goodbye to the Vita with a super-duper Super Meat Boy special edition, unless it has any more treats locked away in the cupboard. You can get the basic game for $29.99 or go mental with a $74.99 deluxe bundle collector's edition with a meat boy, meat tray and poster, all in a glossy box. 

Standard Editions of Super Meat Boy on Vita & Collector's Editions of Super Meat Boy on PS4, Switch, and Vita will be sold in limited quantity in two batches at 10 am and 6 pm ET on July 30. Copies of these editions will be limited to one per customer.

Super Meat Boy used to be on PSN, but was delisted  a while back (in the UK at least, it is still on the US PSN for a more reasonable $14.99). So this is could be your only chance to get it, assuming you're lucky enough in the scrum for copies. 

UPDATE: Naturally, all sold out in seconds (this was an old very limited production that Limited Run had kept back). That means eBay is the only place to go with prices ranging from £250-350 all the way up to £8,600 if you are clinically insane. I'll stick with my digital version thanks!