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Steamworld Dig 2 hints and tips

Steamworld Dig 2 is another perfect slice of portable gaming. As you move through the terrific robotic adventure (review), you're more than likely to miss a few of the fascinating artefacts that are well hidden in each puzzle room, down among the lava beds and other locations across the game.

While not exhaustive, here are the ones that caused me a fair bit of grief, along with some of the solutions to tougher puzzles and the location-based trophies. To speed up your artefact finding, focus on upgrading your lamp as the Eye for Weakness mod will light up secret entrances.

Will add more if there's interest.

Demon's Crib: Make your way to the top of the level, don't bother worrying about the acolytes or barrels, just get there. Use the Hook Shot to hang above the exit door, making sure you don't accidentally leave. The lava will come up, but not to the top, then flow back down. Carefully drop to the bottom of the level and at the lower right is the entrance to the secret area.

Lava Shooters: The fossil artefact can be found on the last leg of this long run through fireballs. When you've done the long runs left, up, right and down, head inside the structure, look for the pair of jets shooting down and follow the rightmost up to a ledge where you can break through into the secret area.

Leaky Lodge: If you enter from the higher of the two doors, you will see a big 2X2 rock just waiting to fall down. However, dig an extra level under it and to the left of the rock is the entrance to this secret. The other hidden area is on a long left-to-right run at the top of the maze.

Mine Cart Madness: This is one of my favourite set puzzles in the game. The first is just a warmup really, move the higher minecart to the right and watch it fall, then move the lower cart into that. It will fall through the quicksand and into place, allowing you to advance.

For the second one, move the lower cart left, jump up and move the higher one to the right. Follow that down and move it left into the first cart. Hop over and hammer the first cart until it is destroyed and move the new replacement cart to the right. Now move the old cart right into new one, and it will fall down.

Finally, and here's where I had so much fun, there are three carts to move. Never mind me trying to explain it, this guy has a YouTube video you can watch!

Mushi Mushi Snuggery: The artifact is tucked in the lower left corner of the map, stand to the right and shoot over the bouncers to open it.

Hodge Podge Hang: To the right of the start is a treasure, you have to hook and thrust jump around the ceiling that's below you to access it. At the very top left of the map is some ore and you can get an upgrade cog by going all the way around the tricky map to the final narrow drop back to the start.

Swim Swam Sway: Two secrets are to be found in the depths here, which is why you might be confused about not getting the green tick. The first secret here is on the left near the bottom of the first descent among the spiky blocks. Then do the loop around to the section that heads up with more spikes and a few spitting purple beasts. On the left just above the first purple creature is a secret bit of wall, lurk next to it and the shots from the purple creature to your right should knock it out, revealing the way.

Yonker Brothers: There are three of these fellows, scattered across the map. The first is right above you at very start of the game, so when you have the power to jump or rope high enough, head back and meet Zebulon.

The second chap can be found by traveling to Below the Wall tube, there's a door just to the lower right of that tube, head there and further right of that behind a secret wall is Josh.

Finally, go via the tube to Lower Temple Shaft or Temple Cistern, head to the door on the right to enter Yarrow. A few steps ahead of you is a drop down, hammer there and enter the secret to find Luke, get his blueprint and claim the trophy.

When you collect all 42 aftefacts, you can head to the windy desert and find the secret area using a max-upgraded jet pack to explore the clouds for some more puzzles.

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