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Minecraft Enhanced (unofficially) heads to the Vita

PG Team delivered the gorgeous GTA Revisited trilogy to the Vita and have been hard at work with a fresh version of Minecraft Enhanced. A first teaser is up showing off the better-looking version with improved shaders and visuals of the legendary joyous rock-cracking experience.  

Update: The Minecraft Enhanced mod went live in September, check out Chuck Zealous' video guide, with a neat comparison to the original version. 

Original: Yes, there are already plenty of Minecraft mods out there to improve the Vita experience, but this could add something a little extra and make using it somewhat easier! 

minecraft enhanced

Check out some more before-and-after screens of their early efforts, but as with any homebrew effort, it will take time, and lawyers could jump in to derail things. This edition makes use of various Minecraft versions including the Bedrock Edition, effects from Minecraft: Java Edition and UI materials from Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth.

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