PS Vita Kickstarter or crowdfunded titles

2020 Update: Not expecting much in the way of new games or stretch goals, perhaps the odd project or delayed effort, but the community lives on with more books and goodies on the way. That said, let's get supporting these games from brave developers still willing to support the Vita...

Lazr A Cyberpunk Clothformer £7.5K goal (Vita version included)
Thief's Roulette (Zero Escape style VN) Funded, Vita version coming from Top Hat Studios

PS Vita Hard Enamel Pins Alchemist Candy (10x funded) still live!
Ps Vita Book: Years 4/5 Sandeep Rai (goes live on 25 February)

2019 Update: Okay, not a great deal of fresh activity, but still plenty of projects to reach completion. Do check in on older projects to see what happened, and support whatever comes by to keep interest in the Vita going.

Upcoming/Live/Recent Projects

New Infinite States game (coming to KS soon)
CyberThreat (coming to KS at some point)
Lunark (retro platformer, dev may add more platforms)

Lore Finder (passed main PC stretch goal, short of console ports)
PS Vita Book Years 2/3 (Funded!)
Hamsterdam (Muse) Funded! Touch-control hamster fu brawler (may not come to Vita after all) 
Love Esquire (YangYang) Funded, Vita version a possibility
Colours (Eastasiasoft) digital/CD/vinyl record of gaming tracks from Rainbow Skies, Rainbow Moon, Ghost Blade & Söldner-X. Composed by Rafael Dyll with Vita game options.
PS Vita Year One (Unofficial Book): £1,000 goal - funded!
Sense: A Cyberpunk Story (Ben Widdowson) Funded
Monster Crown (Studio Aurum) Funded (still coming as of October 2019)

I semi-regularly update the progress for games down the list, what devs did next, keep an eye on titles that failed but are still being worked on. Let us know if something changes on a project you follow, or if I'm missing a new one.

Older funded projects (Bold = funded or confirmed for Vita):

Soul Saga (Disastercake) (Still in development 2019 - dev seeks extra funding)
Quantum Suicide (Cotton Candy) Visual novel (went quiet, now back on show at TGS 2018)
The Last Train (indiegogo here, FUNDED) dev keen on Vita version - (SmashGame Studios)
Skull Pirates (Kickstarter hereFunded on day one)
Heart Forth, Alicia (Alonso Martin) FUNDED! (coming 2019!)
Dies Irae Vita stretch at $200K ACHIEVED! (work continues 2019)
For reference only: Japanese project for a Steam Prison port (HuneX) Funded!
Blasphemous (Game Kitchen) - Funded, possible Vita version
Pato Box (Bromio) (yep a boxing duck!) Funded! RELEASED
Battle Princess Madelyn (Casual Bit) $150K Vita stretch goal ACHIEVED!
UnDungeon (Laughing Machines) Funded short of console stretch, but still taking PayPal
Pixel Princess Blitz (Lanze) Vita version coming after PC, no specific goal
Sharin no Kuni ($120K Vita stretch) FUNDED
Plague Road ($30K goal) RELEASED
Glitched (En House) FUNDED for Vita (work continues 2019)
Best Buds vs Bad Guys (Super Icon) (Vita possible)
Crossing Souls (Fourattic) FUNDED
Root Double Before Crime  RELEASED
Noohz (Wannabe) £10K PC goal (funded), Vita mentioned
Demetrios Big Cynical Adventure RELEASED
Wanderer (Red Cloak) Just missed PlayStation stretch, but devs are keen!
Pixel Noir (SWDtech) FUNDED with a publisher, coming 2020!
Warped: Metaverse (Not funded, but still coming - no longer for Vita)
De Mambo (Dangerous Kitchen) FUNDED!
Blacksea Odyssey (Blacksea) Vita version mentioned if game is successful
Muv-Luv (Degica) RELEASED
Regalia (Pixelated Milk) Vita stretch €60,000 - FUNDED (looks like a no go)
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Koji Igarashi) FUNDED BUT CANCELLED!
Loud on Planet X (Pop Sandbox) $50,000 FUNDED (Dead in the water?)
Slain (Wolfbrew)  RELEASED
Strength of the Sword Ultimate (Ivent) (Cancelled on Vita and other niche formats)
Tokyo Dark (Cherrymochi)  FUNDED!
Project Scissors NightCry (Playism) FUNDED! Releasing in 2019
Ars Tactica Dragon Tournament (Ars Tactica) Vote now on Square's Collective page
Grisaia Trilogy (Sekaiproject) $100K raised, needs $240K for other formats - FUNDED
Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook) - RELEASED
Epic Manager (ManaVoid) $125,000 C$ stretch goal (RPG Tycoon game)
Outpost 13 (MaxHall) FUNDED
Cavern Kings (Vine) FUNDED, Vita version mentioned (endless digger)
Heroes Never Lose FUNDED (Dorias) Possible Vita version (action puzzler)
Battle Chef Brigade (Trinket) FUNDED, Possible Vita version (combat cooking)
X-Tactics (Gamkin) Failed to meet Vita stretch goal, devs say Vita version still coming
Aegis Defenders (Guts) FUNDED, Vita potential goal
World End Economica (Sekai Project) Vita stretch goal FUNDED!
Timespinner RELEASED
Chasm (Discord) Funded, possible Vita version RELEASED
Midora ($100K Stretch Goal, game reached $75K in funding, Vita version should still happen)
Temporus ($20K, Vita eventual publishing target)
Fault Milestone One (Coming 2019, maybe)
Mighty No. 9 - releasing in 2019/20/21
Dragon Fin Soup RELEASED
The Deer God (Blowfish) - RELEASED
Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine) CANCELLED FOR VITA
MechRunner (Spark Plug) PS4 released, DEVELOPER GONE QUIET
Exogenesis (Kwan) FUNDED (Very slow progress)
Starlight Inception (Escape Hatch) - RELEASED
Cosmic Star Heroine (Zeboyd) RELEASED
Broken Sword 5 (Revolution) - RELEASED
La Mulana (Nigoro) (RELEASED)

FUNDED short of Vita (you never know)

Highscore Master (Dolores Entertainment)
Libra of the Vampire Princess (MiKandi) Funded, short of portable goal
Pankapu (Too Kind Studio) Funded, short of Vita stretch
Xydonia (Breaking Bytes)  Funded base goal
Greedy Guns (Tio Atum) Funded base goal
Demoniaca Everlasting Light  (Fabio Consorti) Funded base goal
Arcadian Atlas (Becca Blair) Funded base goal
Mable & the Wood (Triple Vis) Funded, short of Vita stretch
Legena: Union Tides (Grandpa Pixel) Funded, short of Vita goal (16-bit RPG)
Children of Zodiarcs (Cardboard Utopia) FUNDED Vita under consideration
Twilight Struggle (GMT Games) Funded!
Organic Panic (Last Limb) Funded
Hollow Knight (Team Cherry) Funded, short of Vita goal
Prisma and the Masquerade Menace (Shiny Bolt) $80K Vita stretch goal (met basic)
No Mercy: For Lorne Hope (Multivarious) $180K Vita stretch goal (met basic)

Even though some games were funded, it seems the developer overestimated their skills or the power of the Vita. Games like Hand of Fate, BroForce and others drop the Vita version this happens, but don't be bitter at the developers, they try their hardest!

UPDATE: seriously, don't be rude to developers, the grief and abuse they get for trying to bring a project to fruition is staggering. I've read about families struck with cancer, developers being seriously ill and stressed beyond belief. They will try their best to bring a game home, but being abusive only makes things worse. If you invested in a project, that was your choice, let them do their job!  

Failed/Cancelled/Other: (Bold means may still come to Vita, eventually)

PhotonCube (SmileAxe)  £9.8K (Localisation from Japanese) Failed
Unformed (Blackfire) - dev interested in Vita, but project failed on KS
Aegis Innocence (Stasis Soft) KS failed, but development promised to continue
Bearded Bear (Bears in Mind) €15K Vita - development progress continues
Rogue Raiders Online (€33K goal - Vita exclusive)
Fight for System Haven (Zombie#4) PS Vita mentioned
Grave Danger (possible PS Vita version) $35K basic
City of God: Prison Empire (Chief Eastwood) $150K Vita/PS4 stretch
Undead Darlings (Mr Tired) $115K Vita stretch
Death Story (Team Neko) $15K Vita stretch
Tower of Samsara  (still in progress 2018)
Nostalgia: Two Worlds (Magna)
Hush Hush 299 (Lacuna Walker) $20K Cancelled
Super Micro Heroes (Mutant Games)  €7,000 goal (Vita mentioned, but no stretch listed)
Super Axe Boy (Matt Falk) Vita version maybe (PS4 stretch €40,000)
Night City Assault (Xtra Mile) $115,000 Vita stretch goal - Cancelled, restarting soon
Cold Horizon (Big Cake) £145K Vita stretch goal
Plague Road (Arcade Distillery) August 2017
Judgement of Rage (GodCat)
DGeneration HD (West Coast)
Wubmarine (Semag)
Cross Reverie (Sinxsoft) $58,000 Vita stretch goal Cancelled
Undead Darlings (Mr Tired) $225,000 Vita stretch goal
Hero Trap (Funded but cancelled)
Station (Well Lit Room) £25,000 Vita/PS4 stretch goal
Planet Centauri 2D (Permadeath)
Major Rocks (Supergoodpixel) Just $3K for a cool asteroids shooter (relaunched)
Moon Hunters (Kitfox) Vita goal FUNDED (RPG) - Cancelled
Border - Remembrance (Fallen Valkyrie) (Metroidvania)
Dark Deception (Glowstick) $15K needed Failed
Sanctum Polis (Quadrangle) FAILED Vita stretch goal $120K (RPG)
Kodoku Chronicles (Carnivore) 28K for a Vita version (horror visual novel) - 5 days to go
Lost Homeland (GBJ) SUSPENDED $150K stretch goal for a Vita version (Steampunk 3D action)
Beyond Human (Domino99) (Sci-fi Metroid)
Ray's the Dead (Ragtag) Announced for Vita (end of 2014) - Reconfirmed April 2017
Band Saga (Rekcahdam) Failed to reach Vita stretch goal
Warlocks (One More Level) Made base funding, failed Vita stretch goal
Poncho (Delve) Failed but dev has a publisher (ultimately cancelled)
Coffin Dodgers (200K Stretch Goal, only £9K funded, back to the drawing board - how about animals racing?)
CR-Fighter (David Perez) $3,000
Super Distro Horizons (Kitatus) (failed)
Cult County (Renegade Kid) (failed)
Flying Hamster II (Game Atelier) (KS cancelled, publisher found)
Light (Just a Pixel) (game was acquired by publisher early on)
Reborn (Elemental) (project on hold)
Taxi Journey (failed)
Remember (cancelled)


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