Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Red Goddess opens up her Inner World on Kickstarter

Spanish developer Yanim has a new game in the works that has just popped up on Kickstarter. Asking for $30,000 (and is already $5K there) Red Goddess is a 2.5D, action-adventure-combat-puzzle game, featuring a distinct art-style with a bright looking world to explore and adding to the growing number of Vita games in need of funding.

The Red Goddess isn't quite what I was thinking of, with a touch of the Gozer the Gozerian's teenage daughter about her. She's a troubled deity named Divine with some serious inner demons to conquer, by exploring her own mind, made up of mountains, forests, caves and perils unknown, with lots of combat thrown in.

Developed using Unreal 4, it offers very pretty visuals and complex environments, while being able to bring the game to PC, PS4, PS Vita and Wii U. Stretch goals include additional chapters and scenarios, and more powers.

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