Friday, September 27, 2013

Keiji Inafune to add a Vita goal to Mighty No. 9

The Mega Man revival title could come to the Vita if it raises enough money. That was mentioned by Shahid Kamal during his Eurogamer talk (while discussing doing deals on the last bus home, in his sleep; the Sony indie man is a machine).

The trouble is, the Kickstarter project has four days left to reach what will presumably be a $3,500,000 goal, the last unrevealed stretch on the list. I guess it could continue to collect, as it is well past its original $900,000 goal and is also harvesting cash on PayPal. The Japanese developer had previously mentioned portable versions, but only if the money was there.

UPDATE: Coo, its not going bad, just $150,000 needed in 14 hours to hit the mark needed for a Vita version. Well done all who contributed.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Vita version confirmed, funding reached (via the PayPal contributions, the KS page is still a little down). I'll add it to the release list.

OLDER UPDATE: As predicted, here's the additional stretch goal, which has gone live. Still can't see it making it though, just too late in the day. I haven't put it for this one, as it seems like more of a cash grab than most attempts to court Vita users.

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