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PSP2, Switch 2 and an Xbox handheld... a brighter portable future?

The PS Vita is 12 and powering on into 2024


Updated: To celebrate the European launch... the last time I picked up a console in an actual shop! Checking the stores for the best bargain (thanks, HMV).. Then, the joy of the tiny cases and carts, the feel of sheer gaming power in a handheld and a cracking launch line up. And made a little brighter by the possibility of a true Vita successor

Original article: The PlayStation Vita, the source of so much gaming joy, and a fair amount if ire, is 12 years old this week. It launched in Japan back in 2021, a few months later in the west. And it was great to see people sharing the launch Vita memories and stories this week. 

And the fact so many people still love theirs over a decade on shows how those who didn't bother really missed out. Now it might be an emulator stalwart, and a homebrew tour de force, but every year of its life has been full of joy and drama. 

Backwards compatibility with the PSP and PSOne make it more flexible than the PS4/5, the long library of games that have now been ported to Switch and PlayStation are another value-add, plus we still have Remote Play for PS4. And the fact Sony's design quality mean it can compete with the new Android/Linux knock-offs is still impressive.

But, the vital signs are settling for the Vita. The community is slowing or at best steady, even as new gamers discover the joy via second-hand sales.  So, enjoy them while we can, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to its live in both formal development, community and homebrew channels. 

PS Vita 
And now we have the PlayStation Portal (still pretty much sold out) to enjoy now - if you were lucky enough to get one - or look forward to - if you can get past the further adventures in bitchy snark against anything PlayStation does. With stock likely to replenish in early 2024, the Portal could be a sleeper hit given the support, if Sony keeps the marketing up.

Also, presuming Sony adds further cloud and streaming features, once it has enough feedback on the main launch and real-world performance. It definitely is hard to love with no unique content, but that's the landscape we play in today! 

So, on to 2024, with my OLED beaming away and a world of gaming to enjoy, hundreds of titles still to complete or discover, and who knows what else is on the way? 

See you all in the new year! 

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