Oreshika 2 opening trailer goes big on emotion, and stoats

This really would Never make an opening Trailer in a Western game, but I love the tone and sense of Poignancy about it, and a Stoat -. Games CAN Never Have enough Mustelids in Them Oreshika 2 (aka Over My Dead Body)  looks really old , perhaps timeless is a better word, with its art styles (and is confusing, given the box art looks nothing like this) but still could be a big hit. Love that limited edition, too!

The game is out in Japan on 17 July and in the west in Winter, I think.

Note, there's a Japanese event taking place in a couple of hours (June 26th, 1PM UK), with the producers discussing and showing the game off live... might be the usual insane presentation, but you might get a good look at the game.