Phantasy Star Online 2 knocked offline in Japan

If you're one of the few westerners playing PSO2, then there's bad news. Sega is reportedly suffering from a massive attack on its severs for the popular PC and Vita title. Japanese tweets are raining in suggesting foul play, and this comes just a day after some major maintenance. Sega has pulled the servers offline to protect them, but there's a lot of cross gamers out there, and no word of when things will be back up.

UPDATE: The game is still down as of 26th June, but Sega is promising it will be back up before the end of the month, presumably with reinforced server infrastructure. If it doesn't I'd imagine the polite outrage of Japanese games will be getting pretty nasty.

The game's third chapter is due to launch soon. But if part of this attack did manage to damage content on the servers, then who knows how long things could take.

Sega reports, "We relate to attacks by third parties unspecified. As reported earlier, we have experienced DDoS attacks against our server group by a malicious third party. Because we disconnected from the game server, we have confirmed that there is no problem with the game play data server, but the attack continues, so there is little prospect of resuming the service until the attack ends.

I am very sorry to everyone, but for restoration tonight, it is with the difficult situation unfortunately. With regard to follow-up, I will inform you the situation again on Friday 13:00 June 20. With regard to everyone and I am waiting, I am very sorry. Deeply apologize that we are apologize for inconvenience and A great deal, a worry this time."