NIS America opens European store...

Fans of NIS games this side of the Atlantic will be able to get those juicy limited editions from July 1. Upon launch, many limited editions will be available with pre-orders including: Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and future titles like 2015's Persona Dancing all Night should get high-quality bonuses.

UPDATE: The store is live here, but there's a bit of a fuss about the pricing (to put it mildly) as they've gone with $1=£1 pricing, which is horseshit, as the current exchange rate is around 58p to the dollar. Read the latest on that over on EuroGamer, and sit back and wait for the prices to come down, or the store to fold rather quickly, which would be a shame.

The Danganronpa 2 limited edition is priced for £59.99 and the Disgaea 4 LE at £49.99 (plus postage), which is pushing it even for luxury market gamers, its not as if they're coming with 12" figurines or anything. Yes, there's tax rates to consider, but even that doesn't account for the discrepancy.