Ragnarok developer still losing money

More new and old indies headed to the Vita and PS4

Sony creates new Third Party Dev Group, port begging for real

You can't stop the Japanese playing (and talking about) Ragnarok Odyssey Ace

Vita firmware 2.61 goes live

Spelunky and Real Boxing hit the Vita

Super Robot Wars leads Vita sales in Japan

Oh snap! Nintendo's 2DS reignites handheld wars

Killzone Mercenary is big in Japan

Wonder Flick from Level 5 heads from mobile to Vita

Vita set for another good week in Japan

Killzone bundle to fly the Vita flag

Final Horizon and Flame Over in indie development for the Vita

Another new Final Fantasy X HD video shows off combat

Namco gets ready for Tokyo Games Show with big Vita showing

Switch Galaxy gets an ultra edition for PS4 and Vita

Broken Sword, The Serpent's Curse gets a Gamescom trailer

Lemmings Touch should come with a furry Vita case

New Little King's Story going free on PS+ in September

Further adventures in J Stars Victory vs trailers

FIFA 14 on Vita is another scam and a con job!

Kat arrives in the realms of Ragnarok Ace, out now in Japan

Pac-Man joins the world of Hot Shots Golf

Prices of Vita memory cards and systems start to come down

Vita weekly sales up 6,000 in Japan despite no new games

Killzone Mercenary Beta is live on the PSN store

Gran Turismo PSP leads update to PSP/Vita sale on the PSN store

Japan gets a Hatsune Miku AR air hockey game

Sony Japan PS4 press conference on 9 September

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace scores well in Japan

Broken Sword 5 ventures on the Vita soon

The new Sony and indie Vita game trailers from Gamescom

Velocity 2X expands its Quarp jump

Get ready to enjoy Sony Vindie, cheaper but no big games

Gung Ho shows off Ragnarok Ace's crossover content

PSN Maintenance coming Thursday, trick or treat?

Gamescom Predictions, taxi for the Vita?

Vita seeing price-cuts across America as Gamescom looms

The Walking Dead lumbers to the Vita this week

Jeff Minter shares the latest on Tempest TxK

Sony offers a Summer indie fun update

Let's Fish swims to South American waters

Where to watch the Gamescom livestream

Starlight Inception's Kickstarter nears delivery

Rumours of a bigger Vita sneak out of Japan

Killzone Mercenary multiplayer beta coming 21 August for PS+ subs

Hotline Miami 2 bringing heat to the Vita?

Grip Games offers a guide to Atomic Ninjas

Pets to piddle all over your Vita

Dragon's Crown raids Europe on October 11

Dragon's Crown hangs in there in the Japanese Chart, Vita sales steady

Killzone Mercenary open beta: news on Friday

PSN in the US gets some nice Vita discounts

Terraria, coming along nicely on the Vita

Dear developers/publishers, just release the sodding news or product, no teasing!

LittleBigPlanet celebrates Tearaway in new update and contest

Open Me to come with trial version, many pricing options

Mike Bithell pumps up the Volume

Big LittleBigPlanet announcement due today

Help fund Burst!, an explosive rhythm Vita game

Fruit Ninja to slice up the Vita this week

Review: Stealth Inc.

WRC 4 gets a first trailer from Milestone

Pachter kills the Vita, long live the Vita

Infinite Stratos visual novel headed to Vita and PS3

EU vs. US PSN sales in July, Americans are weird

Sony starts to big-up Gamescom, but it needs to prove three big points

Final Fantasy X HD Limited Edition looks pretty special

KickBeat gets a release announcement trailer

Atelier Rorona screens show off the quality of Gust's update

Ragnarok Ace demo out in Japan, are demos all Japan plays now?

Vita manages two games in Japanese top 10

Freebie Deathmatch Village crashes into the PSN update

Hatsune Miku concert movies now appearing on iTunes

Further adventures in Soul Sacrifice DLC

Zen Studios' Castlestorm rated for the Vita

Trophies in Lone Survivor, not your usual rewards

Vita and PSP games hit the PSN summer sale

Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD lands on PSN today

A delay on the next Vita Assassin's Creed game, fine with me

5bp's teaser site hints at Armageddon, or cyberpunk adventures?

The music of Persona gets a live show in Japan

Conception II and the latest Super Robot Taisen score well in Famitsu

Jeff Minter showing off Tempest TxK in action

Take a Fantastic Voyage through DieDieDie

New Vita bundle showing some legs on Amazon, ahead of the 3DS

PS Vita firmware 2.60 update stacks up the features