Killzone Mercenary is big in Japan

Not that it's a guarantee of big sales, given KZM is a western shooter and everything, but the Japanese seem to like it with Famitsu giving it a very perky review, rating it 9/8/9/8. That might help it grab some sales out there, but I doubt Sony has massive hopes. Of more interest will be the western reviews and I bet despite the widespread lavish previews, most mags and sites will knock it down a point or two for not being CoD, only being a 'portable' game or some other prejudicial  reason.

Anyone who has played it can clearly see this is the best you can get out of the Vita in technical terms. Perhaps it can be faulted for story, boxy or sparse MP or restricted access to weapons or something else that's not clear from the beta (I don't know, I await my boxed copy like everyone else). In that case, fair enough but any reviewer taking the easy-out of Vita=weakness train deserves to be booted offline and out of the industry.