Super Robot Wars leads Vita sales in Japan

Odd, earlier this week, I was wondering if two Vita games in the top five would boost hardware sales. Ithe short answer is no, as post-holiday sales slumped to 11,000 units. Both Super Robot Wars and Conception II managed to shift nearly 19,000 copies each to land in the top five, but overall it seems a quiet week in Japan.

04./00. [PSV] Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin III - Pride of Justice <SLG> (Bandai Namco Games) - 18.929 / NEW 
05./00. [PSV] Conception II: Shichisei no Michibiki to Mazuru no Akumu <RPG> (Spike Chunsoft) - 18.878 / NEW 

Fun fact, the Vita version of Conception sold nearly four times as much as the 3DS version, suggesting that the Vita is the grown up console in Japan, and the introduction of the 2DS (see last story) may widen that gap, with the likes of Killzone coming to the Vita.