Hotline Miami 2 bringing heat to the Vita?

Miami Hotline has been near the top of the PSN charts since its release, so it wouldn't be a massive shock if Devolver brought the second episode, Wrong Number, to the Vita. In fact it might have dropped a big hint according to reports around the web suggesting it updated the target format information, before rapidly removing the info.

The good news is, yay, another cool indie game for the Vita. The bad news is, if all Sony has for us at Gamescom is a string of indie games plus a couple of big-name new titles, then that won't do Vita hardware sales many favors into 2014 as indie games don't sell hardware. In fact you can stick a fork in the Vita for major development if that's the case, and that's ignoring all Sony's other pressing Gamescom issues.

Also just read the game has a rape scene, that'll end well. Pretty sure Sony won't be mentioning that during the presentation.