Namco gets ready for Tokyo Games Show with big Vita showing

Sony might be losing western third party support, but in Japan increasing Vita sales are providing a platform for third parties to invest in decent games. So, we go from Gamescom to Tokyo Games Show in little more than a heart beat. Namco has lined up a great range of titles for the Vita (and PSP don't forget), here's the list, click the links for related news with God Eater 2 leading the way as a Monster Hunter replacement.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS3, 360, PSV) – Playable, Video
God Eater 2 (PSV, PSP) – Playable, Video
Gundam Breaker (PSV) – Playable, Video
J-Stars Victory VS (PS3, PSV) – Playable, Video
Super Heroine Chronicle (PS3, PSV) – Video
Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masou Kishin III: Pride of Justice (PS3, PSV) – Video
Super Robot Wars Operation Extend (PSP) – Video

Tokyo Games Show runs from September 19 - 22 and will hopefully bring about some decent new Vita titles to make up for the west's lack of big party interest.