Jeff Minter shares the latest on Tempest TxK

In a new blog post, Jeff Minter has some videos of the early going in his Vita Tempest remake with some classic and hints of new features plus some points for discussion. As a Jaguar fan I think we should keep the lady sounds, even if they are a bit more suggestive than the original. With the gaming nearing Alpha, it seems to be coming along at great speed.

There's also news of a handy feature for perfectionists, with the arrival of Restart Best mode.
And speaking of replaying levels to improve your score, we have implemented our usual “Restart Best” level unlocking method, which for each level records your best ever state at the end of a level (score, lives earned and bonus multiplier), allowing you to carry on from that level with those recorded stats at any time. People really liked this in our other games and it works really well with TxK.


  1. Hell! Feels like a remake of Polybius. But it seems cool. Never played the original, good time to see this one.


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