Prices of Vita memory cards and systems start to come down

Look around the web and you can finally find a 32MB memory card that doesn't cost the earth. Scouting around on Twitter and like turns up deals at Sainsbury's £43, Tesco £49 and so on. No budge from Amazon yet, still at £54, but I'll keep an eye out (actually if you check the other offers, Amazon has a £39.99 Prime price, but they could still be updating and it could be sold out).

UPDATE: Amazon now has 32GB cards in stock for £39.99, unsurprisingly this is now the No. 2 Vita seller behind Killzone!

For Vita console newcomers, Amazon has now dropped the price to £149 for the WiFi model, so between them you can get a max-spec Vita for £192. It can be found cheaper, someone mentioned £144 on Zavvi and there may be better deals.

A reminder, a typical SD 32GB Card is just £15-£18 before you think Sony is getting all magnanimous.