FIFA 14 on Vita is another scam and a con job!

Not surprised in the least, but the "new" version of FIFA 14 is, in my opinion, another EA scam. Or, as EA puts it (according to a flack talking to EuroGamer), "There will be a Vita version, and it'll be the same great gameplay, and new kits. I have nothing to do with the prices, " EA Sports' David Rutter spouted.

There is a "Legacy Edition" tag on the box, as if they're trying to justify this pathetic excuse for an update. So, please DO NOT  buy this repackaged two-year old game, tell your new Vita owning friends not to buy it and so on. Perhaps if it comes out at a budget price, then fair enough, but Amazon's place holder price is £39.99. You can now pick up FIFA 13 for £15 in places. Buy that instead and live with the slightly out of date kits and teams.

Quite how they can justify £40 for adding some new kits is a disgrace of the worst order and I hope the proper gaming press do their job and take EA to the cleaners. All the development was done and expensed years ago, it does not cost £40 to put a license on the box and tweak a few graphics, I'm sure EA will line up some further excuses, but do not fall for them.

I wonder if Konami are rethinking bring the new PES 2014 over to Vita to take advantage of the disgruntled gamers. Or, if you get a PS4, buy that version with all the new bells and whistles and use remote play! Unfortunately, given FIFA 13's persistence in the top five of the UK chart since its launch, I guess many uninformed gamers will fall for this, all over again.