Sony starts to big-up Gamescom, but it needs to prove three big points

Sony has started to talk-the-talk for Gamescom, just two weeks away now with promises of new Vita games (and Sony's usually voluble indie team has stopped naming names in recent weeks) and spinning the wheels of the whole PS4 bandwagon. While Vita will likely not get much airtime, Sony needs to prove a few of points to demonstrate the Vita's vitality.

  • First, it needs to show some interest from western third-parties beyond the seasonal hits, and I'm afraid Worms doesn't count. There's supposed to be one big game due to be named, but even if that helps sell a few million Vita systems (and that's a big "if") then what comes next? 
  • We need to see commitment from the big Japanese brands to get their games over faster. Publishers' slowness in accepting the global nature of gaming seems embarrassing at best and self-harming at worst. 
  • Then Sony needs to show its own treadmill is cranking up. Now we have the awesome Killzone Mercenary engine running, it needs to be distributed far and wide among Sony's empire (or SDKs to third parties) for a range of cracking FPS and RPG  titles that scale up beyond what people believe is possible on a portable title. 

If, by the end of the show, we don't get indications of those necessities, then that effectively condemns a machine approaching its third Christmas (globally) to a niche indie hit factory, with a couple of triple-A and sprinkling of double-A games. Sure, that's still better than the Wii U, but the Vita has the potential to do so much more. But, those are the breaks!

UPDATE: Also, Sony is making news about an IPTV service for the PS4 and other devices. You have to hope they were watching Microsoft's original X1 unveil failing, with the endless guff about services. Gamescom is about gaming, don't be bringing your "media services" shiz to a games show!

Similarly, we'll also hear the release date for the PlayStation 4. If Sony, as expected, intricately ties the two devices together, any marketing from here on, had better be waving the Vita loud and proud, otherwise it will just be another hollow Sony marketing effort.