PSN Maintenance coming Thursday, trick or treat?

Hmm, coincidence, or a regularly scheduled break in our entertainment? Sony is putting up a service announcement (below) for some post-Gamescom PSN work. Will it be just tweaking, or is a new service, revision of other improvement on the way? Will it pave the way for another firmware update, although Sony's last 2.60 update was pretty decent.

There is PSN Maintenance scheduled for Thursday 22nd August from 20:00 until Friday 23rd August 2:30 BST For the duration of the maintenance you will be unable to log into the PlayStation Network, Account Management and the PS Store. PS Home may also be unavailable. Some users may be able to sign in however, the services listed above will still be unavailable during the maintenance window. There may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes.