Vita firmware 2.61 goes live

As you'd expect from a .01 release, there's not much new to look at with Sony saying the usual... "PS Vita system update 2.61 is coming soon, system software stability during use of some features has been improved." Haven't downloaded it yet, but will keep an eye out for any noticeable changes over the day.

Time for some rule that even a .01 update has to have at least one new or useful feature? Let us know if you spot anything. While we're here, what do you fancy seeing in the next big, presumably, 3.00 release? I'd like save state icons available on the top menu (or in a neat folder) allowing me to launch a game exactly where I left off, no menus and loading.

While  not specific to the upgrade, surely Netflix can get their EU app out now?

UPDATE: What the update does do is fix some PSP minis running on the Vita where the save file could be corrupted to allow running VHBL custom code (used for running emulators), some games still allow access to VHBL however. So, Sony is keeping the lid partially shut on the Vita from a potential piracy perspective, for now.