A delay on the next Vita Assassin's Creed game, fine with me

Ubisoft Sofia who worked on the generally impressive Liberation are hard at work on AC4; Black Flag, so the company has confirmed we won't be seeing Phoenix Rising (or whatever it will be called) later this year. That's fine with me, I'd rather have a late good game, than a rushed and flawed project. Since it was never officially announced, there isn't technically a delay, but at least we know one is definitely coming.

With the engine already crafted, the developers will still have had time to refine it and fix the quirks, while the characters and story will have their own gestation period. Throw in another six months to tidy all that up and we should have another cracking adventure to go on, time to update the release list again. To be honest, I haven't finished the first one, so will be glad of the time to go back and finish the job off.