Get ready to enjoy Sony Vindie, cheaper but no big games

Many moons ago, Randy Pitchford kindly pitched Borderlands 2 for some other developer to do for the Vita. Sony (with Iron Galaxy) have taken up his invitation, which unfortunately sums up third parties' approach to the Vita, "not my problem, mate", while Sports Interactive will roll out the a new Classic version of its hugely popular PC/PSP staple Football Manager, which always sells well and is a great addition.

That was it for big-name games for the Vita from third-parties, all Sony could manage on its big Gamescom stage. Some first parties are working on unannounced stuff, but that leaves the Vita with no big games for this Christmas, beyond a questionable FIFA 14 update. All of which effectively condemns the Vita to niche games, indies and the odd Japanese conversion. And, of course, a second screen for the PS4.

Which is no bad thing, for existing owners. We get to lap up all those great indies that are coming our way like Fez and Minecraft. But the Vita wasn't selling at reduced prices beforehand and it won't now with the this "fake" price cut (both Vita and the 32GB memory card have already been reduced for months {on Amazon for example}, and didn't sell gangbusters then). So, a few thousand Borderlands and footie fans will hop on the Vita bus, but that's it for hardware sales unless Killzone helps sell a million units.

I love my collection of great indie games, and my decent line of of launch full titles and the odd gem that's come along since. But the Vita has been repurposed, moved on from being a full on, big-bang gaming, machine to something new and different, smaller and more intimate. If some big games appear next year great (Assassin's Creed maybe, Shahid's mystery game), but the Vita will be very old news by then.

New and different isn't bad, its getting a Tempest game after all, but it'll take some getting used to. Sony still has some first party titles to come, probably a Gran Turismo eventually, but get ready to spend your Vita life out of the gaming spotlight and in the more intimate surroundings of an indie-sideshow. Which is very far from what Sony launched it as. I don't mind, too much, I'm all for evolution and know the perils of changing markets.

So, enjoy this future Vita owners, its the only one we've got - at least the Vita isn't dead, and if any says so, just point them here. One thing, I hope indie developers don't fall into Sony's PR machine clutches and only release pics or videos when they're told to. No sign of that so far, but I'm watching for it.


  1. Minecraft is coming to vita aswell as ps3 and ps4 . Thats a big name

    1. True, but still indie, the daddy of all indies maybe, but it won't sell many Vitas.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I have been expecting Sony to bring us more AAA titles. I am so disappointed. I mean, indies are not bad at all but, I already have my smartphone for that. I got the vita to play games (on the go) not available on my phone. I didn`t spent 350 euros to play indies. Sony deceived me once again...


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