Fruit Ninja to slice up the Vita this week

The fiendishly popular three-year old iOS finally comes to the Vita, something we realised a few weeks back when a bunch of in-app treats appeared on PSN. It will appear on the US PSN for certain this week, alongside Japanese open-'em-up Open Me, and hopefully in Europe too

Funnily enough for a game with tens of millions of players and much popularity, and being an iOS owner, I have little idea about what it does,  beside slicing fruit obviously.

Still, I was more than happy with Jetpack Joyride so will look forward to this, assuming the correct balance of play and in-app purchases is maintained. There's been a great deal of extra content for the original game over the years, so we also wait to see if the Vita gets any of that. Also remember that Halfbrick's next game Collossatron might get a slightly quicker port to the Vita.