Tales of Hearts R shows off some costume options

Bloober bringing Deathmatch Village to Vita and PS3

One Piece Pirate Mosou 2 gets a new trailer

XSEED bringing Valhalla Knights 3 and Ys Celeta to the west

How to play When Vikings Attack...

Carnage Heart EXA offers bot-on-bot action, save the best bits to YouTube

PSABR out in Japan today, led by Raiden of course

Phantasy Star Online 2 gets a blistering new trailer

New Tearaway trailer, follow the paper trail

Killzone Mercenary pics and videos start to roll out

Killzone Mercenary due out in September, awesome details trickle out

Team 17 show off a new Alien Breed video

EU PSN Update, Let's Fish and Dokuro for Vita

Laughing Jackal's Cubixx is PSM's free game of the week

Two PS Vita games raid the Japanese Top Six

Meikyuu Infinity adds more dungeon crawling to the Vita

Ratchet and Clank Vita version in trouble?

Muramasa, the prettiest-looking Vita game heads west

Romance of the Three Kingdoms still loved in Japan

Soul Sacrifice storming the west in just a couple of months

Pre-order Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus and get free girlie gear

American PS+ users getting Ninja Gaiden Sigma Free

Demon Gaze and Monster Monpiece sell out in Japan

PS Vita Plus subscribers getting Lumines and WipEout in February

Does Sony have a cunning Vita relaunch plan?

New Invizimals coming to the Vita, PSP iPhone and Android this Christmas

PSP going old-school with Gunhound EX

"Maybe" Minecraft will dig the Vita, one day

Killzone Mercenary featured in magazines next month

Japanese Vita and PSP game sales in 2012

Lili leads the way in Capcom's SFxTK 2013 update

Megpoid goes vocaloid crazy on the PSP

New God Eater 2 videos ramp up the action

LBP's Double Eleven developing for the Vita and PSN

You can find upcoming Vita games on Amazon, just not that easily

Alien Spidy dedicates its latest trailer to the NPCs

Chimpact: eat bananas, pay peanuts for this cracking PSM arcade game

New Japanese Vita owners getting a memory card loaded with demos

Girls, tigers, furniture, all you want from a Japanese Vita game

Fate/Extra CCC gets a cinematic trailer

A new Sonic game headed to the Vita?

PS Vita firmware 2.05 out now

EU PSN Update live, play Pinball Arcade for free

Digimon Adventure still appeals in Japan

Doodle God chemically reacts with your Vita

Machinarium for Vita finished, awaits Sony approval

PS Vita firmware update 2.05 in the wings, still no startup tones

New game alert! DiveKick headed to the Vita

Europe revs up for Persona 4 Golden with new trailers

PSM shooter Gun Commando gets a gameplay trailer

Urban Trials Freestyle gets a gameplay video

Vita top of Japan's most-wanted list

Legends of War storming the Vita in March

Garfield arrives on Little Big Planet Vita, hold the lasagne

Let's Fish priced for the PS Vita

Final Fantasy PSN sale rolls on to the PS Vita

Skype to Unify Xbox and PlayStation Gamers?

Urban Trials Freestyle PS Vita screens

The Vita Monster Hunter Rumour heard around the world

More Phantasy Star 2 Online video on the Vita

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 trailer goes big on monsters and action

Dead or Alive 5 Plus takes to the beach

Gravity Rush's Kat brings her moves to PS All-Stars Battle Royale

Vita cursed by a 100 app limit, revisited

Urban Trials Freestyle gets a new trailer

Hakuoki slicing up your western PSP

EU PSN Update, Jet Set Radio free on PS+, loads of games on PSN

Augmented reality games join the PSN January sale roster

European PSN giving away free PlayStation Mobile titles

Wakey, wakey! Its Wake Up Club on the Vita

Demon Gaze and Monster Monpiece get decent reviews in Japan

First Persona PSP game dirt cheap on PSN

Earth Defense Force 2017 comes with a price shock

EU PSN going down for maintenance on Thursday

Orgarhythm and Sumioni hitting EU PSN tomorrow

Compile Heart's dungeon crawler Madou Monogatari headed to the Vita

More Final Famtasy remakes on the way

Sly Cooper gets bundled with the Vita

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows hitting US PSN this week

Uncharted: Golden Abyss the only Vita exclusive game in the UK's Top 100 of 2012

Milestone bringing MotoGP 2013 to PS Vita

Shining Ark out-ranks Soul Sacrifice in Famitsu's most wanted list

Velocity Ultra for Vita unveiled by FuturLab

Sumioni hits EU PSN for Vita next week

Alien Breed gets a do-over on PS Vita, adds online and trophies

Let's Fish Hooked On character trailer, for reel

Review: Jetpack Joyride (PSN)

Japanese Vita title Open Me doing scary things to school girls?

Go figure this Japanese Sony teaser Vita site out

Imaginstruments beats up your Vita for free

Gun Commando storming to PlayStation Mobile