Ratchet and Clank Vita version in trouble?

This doesn't sound good. A post on the Insomniac forums, in response to Vita owners worried about the delays in the release of our version of Full Frontal Assault won't put anyone's mind to rest.
Hi Everyone,
We know you’ve been asking about and waiting for Full Frontal Assault for Vita. Insomniac cannot make any comment about the game. We have repeatedly asked Sony and Tin Giant for an update to share with our fans. They have not provided any update we are allowed to share. We are sorry for any disappointment, but there is nothing we’ve authorized to release publicly. Trust us in that we share your frustration, and have been passing your comments on to Sony, we also advise you contact Sony directly to share your disappointment and frustration. As soon as they give us an update we can share with you, we will.
The game has been out on PS3 for months and is supposed to be a cross-buy title. Are Tin Giant just not up to it? FFA has a 63% average on metacritic but still looks fun enough to try, hopefully we'll get a proper answer soon. Tin Giant aren't on Twitter or have a website (that I can find), so we can't ask them. Over to Sony.