Velocity Ultra for Vita unveiled by FuturLab

After the rather innocuous reveal before Christmas, here's the real deal with an all Vita-version of the awesome retro-evolved shooter in action. Adding trophies and improved visuals, what's not to like? The fan powered flight site has updated with some new art and a link to the PSN blog, which spills the early beans.

The game will be out soon, but there's no firm date, with the game in pre-alpha right now and all the visuals being given an overhaul. When released, it'll give everyone a whole new reason to race through the missions all over again, with touch controls hopefully helping out on those teleport and extra controls.

More before and after images on both the EU PSN blog and the US one, so I guess a matched release is likely. For the longer term, a questionnaire is up asking what we'd like to see in a proper sequel.