Killzone Mercenary pics and videos start to roll out

Looks like different sites are getting their own bits of content, will try and drop them all in this one article, the release date is confirmed for 18th September. Lost of coverage going on, the Guardian newspaper even gets a hands on:
This unpredictable behaviour adds variety and excitement where the pallid locations and formulaic structure seem to let it down. Still, this is only two missions, and we're yet to scratch the surface of Danners story; certainly The Package hints at some pretty astonishing cyberpunk city environments, with towering buildings and labyrinthine neon-drenched road ways. Plus, there could be some huge surprises to come as we get to see the Helghan side of the conflict.
More opinion from PSU:
Guerrilla claims that Killzone Mercenary was designed from the outset to mirror the visual fidelity and unyielding immersion of its console ilk. After playing through an early section of the game, I can confirm that both claims hold true. Running on a slightly-downscaled version of the Killzone 3 engine, Mercenary impresses with dynamic lighting, stunning aesthetic, and a myriad of post-processing effects.
From VG24/7:

From the PSN blog:

Pics from PSN:

Some more words and a nice bit of art from IGN:


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