You can find upcoming Vita games on Amazon, just not that easily

I've been staring at the Vita's coming soon page on Amazon UK* for weeks now, wondering why it was so bare? Persona has been there for a while and it looks like Sly Cooper has just been added. Even so, it appears that some Vita games are hiding in the Amazon database, but you have to search for them, which would:
  1. Really put off any potential gamer from buying a Vita since it looks like no titles are coming out,
  2. Is a major failure on the part of Amazon or the publishers to correctly list their content.
  3. Shows how much the Vita's roster needs bulking up.
So, while there are pages for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+, Dead or Alive 5+ and probably others, no one can find them easily without a direct search, and they aren't exactly the most attractive bits of advertising. Considering every screenshot and bit of art adorns the GTA V page, you'd think someone would make a tiny bit of effort here. (Sony, Tecmo and others have marketing people, Amazon has buyers and product management types, they should all be mailing each other morning, noon and night). 

Sure a search isn't that hard to do, but folks are just so lazy (I read people give up after just six seconds if they can't see what they want on a site) or don't know what to search for, that this could actually impact the Vita. The U.S. site isn't hugely better, but at least has Soul Sacrifice on show.

If you know of any more Vita games hiding in the system do add a comment here about them.
*Other stores are available, your mileage may vary etc