Legends of War storming the Vita in March

Slitherine's History: Legends of War hits the Vita and other formats on March 8th, bringing the battlefields of WWII, and offering a rare game of tactics and strategy, to the handheld. The only shame is the pretty weedy marketing effort from publisher PQube.

While, for example, Wired has hyped every nibble of its more loveable Let's Fish, there's just a single old video and a press release to announce this, and they could have been dropped months ago, its hard to tell. According to its own press vault, the box files and screens were downloaded precisely zero times (although there are other sources). The game's official Twitter account has 18 followers and the marketing makes minimal use of its figurehead General Patton.

While it is multiformat, so doesn't need as much hyping, this is a great-looking game that deserves to sell and could have had a decent impact, as there's nothing like it on the Vita. But, unless there's a right cavalry charge of marketing near launch, I don't think anyone will hear about it, which will be a big shame.