Killzone Mercenary featured in magazines next month

Looks like a storm of Killzone information is coming our way as a Polish magazine out this week has a cover and several pages of information on the game. The takeaway from the rough translations is that the game is basically a version 1.1 of Killzone 3 with all the good and bad things that entails for fans.

Hopefully some English language magazines (how quaint) or sites will have more information soon. UPDATE: The press packs and other info will be out on 31 January, watch the skies!

- The engine is nearly a 1:1 match for the PS3 version
- New tricks added to the engine to play to the Vita's strengths
- Game is gorgeous, with clear and crisp textures, large draw distances
- Character models and animation are awesome
- Stable FPS even when the screen is busy
- Looking better than Uncharted


  1. That's very interesting and I hope we see soon some video footage.


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