Review: Jetpack Joyride (PSN)

Jetpack Joyride is a highly successful phone game from Halfbrick and Big Ant Studios that has made its way to the Vita via PSN. Free to PlayStation Plus users, its well worth a dig with a great number of fun and easy trophies to win and some fiendish gameplay that relies on tapping the back (or front) screen to propel your jetpack clad hero further along the endless levels.

Our hero, Barry, can pick up special vehicles, including a robot, teleport, flying dragon and others that make progress easier, or more fun, with challenges of their own. The aim is to get the furthest distance you can, while completing all the little tasks the game throws at you as you progress through the ranks. You can measure your progress against global online leaderboards, friends and post the results to Facebook.

Slickly produced, there's the inevitable option to buy more coins if you want to increase your arsenal and extras, you can spend between £1 and £11 (for a million coins) for the ultimate kit, but there's little point as the game is great in short bursts and you can build your coins fairly easily, its a little softer than Montezuma Blitz on that front.

Even when the game is over, it ain't over, with lucky dips to help propel your corpse further or give you some free goodies. You'll enjoy this forever on your Vita and it is a true challenge to see what's down the next kilometre or a sneaky delight to see what the next task will be.

Deeper into the game, gadgets can be used in combos for weird of beneficial results, and there's a huge array of other tricks and features to be uncovered making sure you'll keep coming back to find them all.

Price: £3.49 (PSN/PSP mini) (Free on PS Plus for Vita/PS3)
Score: 8/10
Progress: Middle-distance runner


  1. It's free to everyone, not just PS+

    The Minis version is a totally separate version by different developers.


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