More Final Famtasy remakes on the way

We've already been promised a Final Fantasy X HD remake for the Vita, and you can play most of the other titles in the series via PSN in various guises. But Square is now teasing another series of remakes with the promise of news in the next issue of Famitsu and this page with some pixelated silhouttes.

Most modern-age gamers would probably be happier with Crisis Core appearing on PSN or a whole new adventure, but for the classics loving gamer, these titles will offer another blast of revamped nostalgia. We'll find out in a couple of days time what the formats are, but there's little reason why the Vita shouldn't be on the list, although the site's code hints at an iOS release.

That would be pretty small change, so maybe the Famitsu news is for something bigger and better than a mere mobile release.