Dragon's Crown comes with free voiceover pack DLC for one month

Starlight's full trailer lights up

Spooky indie hit Limbo ghosts onto the Vita next week

Flower headed to the Vita, but where's Journey?

Paint Park gets a DLC makeover in Japan

Super Heroine Chronicle wings it to the Vita

PSN EU blog roundup, indie reigns

Japanese charts, Vita on the slow rise

Rotating Octopus to liven up the Vita today

Eight new quests free for Soul Sacrifice today

A new Death Ray Manta coming to the Vita

All PS4 games will play remotely on the Vita

Japan gets Radioko, a Vita radio app

Prostitution helps Valhalla Knights 3 sells 65,000 in Japan

Vivid's Real Boxing still coming to the Vita

Rayman Legends is headed to the Vita

Mega Blast and Yu-Nama rock Playstation Mobile

Vita getting Kickstarter action, here comes ARG Clandestine Anomaly

Retro shooter A.N.N.E. will arrive on the Vita, eventually

Aksys bringing Muramasa to E3 plus two new titles

Aksys brings Hakuoki to US PSN

Starlight Inception gets a one-year on... trailer

Ghostlight announces Eliminage Original for the PSP

Mens' Room Mayhem trails off to a drip

Killzone Mercenary new screenshots blast off

Tearaway screens accompany new previews

First Freedom Wars/Panopticon screens and details emerge

Confirmed: Panopticon is "Freedom Wars" for the Vita, new video!

Vita sales around 15,000 a month in America, ouch!

Killzone Mercenary gets dodgy deal pre-order bonuses

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (QForce) due on Vita next week

Amazon lop £5 off the 32GB Vita memory card

Velocity Ultra soundtrack available for purchase

Sony Japan Panopticon confusion conundrum

OlliOlli gets its first video outing

Having failed to hype the Vita at recent events what magic could Sony have for E3?

Panopticon, a new PlayStation game

Gran Turismo 6 headed to the Vita, advantage GPS users?

This week on the EU PSN update, Velocity Ultra, Star Wars, Sound Shapes, Tractors and Bigfoot

Putty Squad is all squishtems go

Velocity Ultra now live for Vita on EU PSN

Shields up, here comes Nokia

Coconut Dodge ducks into the Vita

Mando's Cardboard Castle and Hills of Glory head to PlayStation Mobile

Mind 0 gets a proper Vita trailer

Killzone Vita gets a new trailer

Sony closes in on two million Vita sales

Soul Sacrifice selling better than suspected.

Dragon's Crown's Amazon puts it about a bit

Sega bringing five games to the Vita this year, but which ones

Mystery "big" game coming to the Vita - Sony

Vita gets a second Kickstarted game, C-Wars already funded

Digital Polyphony's Silverstone event gets a trailer

Vita hardware and bundles go down in price on Amazon

Sony actually make a profit! Vita sales outlook down

Olliolli rolls forever on the Vita

Pre-order Starlight Inception for your Vita

PlayStation Mobile goes free to develop

Gran Turismo media event next week, Vita version a gem or a blot on the landscape?

Sine Mora for free on PS+, Nun Attack on PSN in EU update

Grand Theft Auto PSP and fantasy PSone titles on-sale on PSN

CounterSpy to stealth up Vita and PS3 gaming

Rymdkapsel simplifies space and RTS on PlayStation Mobile

PS Vita firmware update 2.12 now live, no real features

Hohokum the first PS4/Vita indie title

Sony's big news this week, needs to actually be massive, Game Informer's cover coming soon

Milestone's MotoGP 2013 trailer gets a hole shot

Soul Sacrifice getting free DLC in the west

Soul Sacrifice fails to scare the all-formats chart

Sony's E3 Show, June 10, how not to screw it up

Ragnarok Odyssey Ace trailered

New Stein's Gate PS3 title remote plays on the Vita

Call of Duty: Ghosts Busted for the Vita?

Its May, its sunny out, lets stay in and play PS Vita games (PSN Update)

Vita sales up to 21,000 this week in Japan on the arrival of PhotoKano Kiss

Muramasa tops 100,000 in Japan

Zombie Tycoon II out for those not into their Soul Sacrifice