All PS4 games will play remotely on the Vita

According to a developer talking to EuroGamer, all PS4 titles that don't make use of the Eye camera will be automatically enabled for remote play on the Vita. While many will only want to play on their super-res HD screens, for those with competing demands for the TV and who just need to be elsewhere in the house, this is excellent news after the laboured remote efforts on PS3 (I've only ever played God of War HD).

If this talk proves true then the Vita-as-a-substitute-screen gives it another reason to exist and makes those PS4/Vita bundles a little more likely to happen. But, can Sony provide another link between the two to make their coexistence really useful, fun or essential. Having read through many Wii U boards, it seems few see value in the Wii U's extra screen, so can Sony find the magic ingredient?