Sony's big news this week, needs to actually be massive, Game Informer's cover coming soon

Sony has promised some cool news this week via a post on the PSN blog, saying "We’ve a busy week in the offing, with some intriguing game announcements planned." Trouble is, 'intriguing' won't cut it on the Vita when a game like Soul Sacrifice can't make the Top 20. If Sony's news is for the Vita, it has to be huge, and releasing pretty soon, to get the handheld moving in time for Christmas.

Comments seems to be focusing on Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3 or PS4, and a Vita version would be welcome news, given the weedy, but good-looking, PSP version still sold some three million copies. That's a game that can be announced now without really denting Sony's PS4 E3 show. Then again, even if DigPoly announce a Vita version, it could be years before we see it.

There's also the news that Game Informer's next cover (out very soon, site under maintenance now) will be its biggest in years, that doesn't sound like a Vita game but any tie-in would be welcome on such a massive story. Exclusives Editor Andy Reiner's latest comment is "This isn't a typical one game story for us. There are many pieces to it."

Which sounds like a split-level franchise announcement to me. It doesn't sound like the new Wolfenstein (big-screens only) which has just been teased, but that's a series that seems past its prime, despite this brave new vision for it.

The cover should be announced around about 5PM UK. With GTA V done and dusted, it won't be GTAVita, but what other big series coming could have a portable facet? EA has bagged the Star Wars games rights, but that's breaking news, with the parties unlikely to have started serious work. So what do you think if could be? (Apart from me being completely wrong and overly-hopefuly as usual.)