Sony Japan Panopticon confusion conundrum

What the heck is going on here? We have a TV spot out in Japan:

That hints at a new PS Vita monster hunting/party style game, then we have the Panopticon trailer come out on the same day, but no link is made between the two events.

It seems odd they'd run this on TV, show the Panopticon trailer on the web and not link the two in some form. Which makes me wonder if two different games are coming out, as Panopticon looks more of a big-screen experience with the scaling that seems really off for a handheld game (okay, its pre-rendered, but can they really do that sort of landscape/monster/character scale and interaction on a Vita at any decent framerate?)

Perhaps they are one and the same, but it would be nice of Sony to actually tie its advertising together, rather than leave gamers scratching their heads. Of course, Panopticon could be a PS3/PS4/Vita crossover game which would make more sense, but again, a little clarity please!

Word is more about Panopticon will  be unveiled on the 21 May, the same day as Microsoft's Next Xbox is unveiled, not much of a spoiler is it?