Call of Duty: Ghosts Busted for the Vita?

Everyone's getting mildly excited about the next high-octane ride in the world of Call of Duty, unveiled today to no great shock. Given last year brought us the unfortunate joke that was Declassified to go along with the proper BlOps2 title, perhaps this year we'll get a slightly better thought-out Ghosts spin-off.

There's supposed to be a team developing this year's Vita game (saw a name in a discussion last week, but can't remember who, anyone know?), and there's already been the odd hopeful store place-holder listing for a CoD 2013 title.

So, Ghosts Busted, Ghost Squad, Ghostly Goings-On, who knows, but hopefully Killzone Mercenary won't be the only awesome first-person shooter ever to grace the Vita.