Gran Turismo media event next week, Vita version a gem or a blot on the landscape?

Let's play guess what happens here. Sony takes a lot of bloaters round the Silverstone track in a supercar to much whooping and some yamming. Then the DigPoly guys unveil Gran Turismo 6 officially to the world. Question: What can they add that isn't in 5 aside from a few new or slightly updated models and some new courses?

I can't see DP going the Forza Horizons route or going open world, all I know is it'll look fantastic. Then there's a quick aside and GT Vita flops out like a placenta after the birth of your first perfect child.

OR, Sony and DP have thought this through and will intrinsically link GT 6 across PS3, PS4 and Vita and do a decent transfer between portable and big-screen content and progress. Which do you think is more likely.

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