Soul Sacrifice fails to scare the all-formats chart

Sony's big, blood-stained, hope proves that the U.K. Vita user base is still pretty minuscule as it fails to appear anywhere in the new Top 20. Sure, we could all have downloaded it for the DLC, but really? It should have at least outsold titles that have been in the charts for around a year like LEGO Batman.

Digging deeper, I see it arrived at No. 26 but there's no stats that far down apart from it being the sole new entry, so there wasn't exactly anything else to divert gamers' attention. Since most sites only show the top 20, it looks like the Vita will continue to fail to exist as far as most gamers are concerned, not surprising given Sony's continued feeble marketing efforts.

On the plus side, it did it No.1 in the Vita chart, but I'll bet it won't stat there for long.